Author: Dr. Bimla Pawar, Dr. Nupur Gosain & Dr. Sunita Sharma

Yoga is not a mere word but a way to live life and therefore a precious gift to us from the almighty. It is a very vast subject. When one starts reading yoga, one feels that one need to know it more deeply. It has become the need of time to use the knowledge of yoga in different spheres of life. Yoga is very ancient.

The first chapter will provide the history, meaning and importance of yoga in a very easy way.

The second chapter is related to the asanas, pranayamas and shatkarmas explains the meaning, procedure, benefits and precautions related to them. The following have been covered: Meditative Asanas: Vajrasana, padamasana, swastikasana, sukhasana; Supine Position Asanas: Ardh Halasana, sarvangasana,chakerasana, pawanmukt asana. Prone Position Asanas: Bhujang asana, salabhasana, dhanurasana; Sitting Asanas: Ardh matseyendrasana, paschimotan asana, suptavajra asana,yog mudra; Standing Asanas: Utkatasana, hanuman asana, trikon asana, taad asana; Pranayams: Anulom-vilom pranayama, suryabhedi pranayama, ujjayi pranayama, bharamri pranayama, sheetali pranayama, sheetkari pranayama; and Shatkarmas: kapalbhati, trataka, neti and vamandhauti.

The third chapter is related to stress management explains the concept, causes and effects of stress. It also covers non communicable diseases due to stress, stress prevention and good health.

Also covered is the stress management through relaxation techniques including autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, sports and physical activities as coping strategies.

ISBN: 978-81-7216-579-6 

Year: 2021



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