World's Great Religions

Author: S.E.Frost

The selections from the sacred writings of the thirteen religions included in this book reveal how often religions, originating in very different cultures and in ages far apart, teach similar doctrines and similar principles of ethics and morals. This similarity is pointedly indicated in a topical index at the end of the volume. Here a number of beliefs and doctrines have been listed and reference made to chapter and verse where the different religious teachings on these subjects may be found. This]volume is therefore not only a treasure house of living religious literature but also a guide to the understanding of the fundamental similarity among religions. In this volume of selected sacred writings, we have reproduced passages of appreciable length rather than brief excerpts, so that the reader may have the context and appreciate the full message or teaching. A line or verse torn from its context seldom carries to the reader the meaning which the author intended. Within its context, the teaching conveys not only what is said but what is implied. This, we believe, is the only fair and accurate way to quote from the scriptures.



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