Author: Edward J. Shahady, M.D.,& Michael J. Petrizzi, M.D.

The second edition of this book has benefited from the generous feedback we have received from the first edition More than two hundred coaches and trainers who used that first edition provided formal written evaluations for our consideration. Their suggestions helped shape the changes incorporated into the second edition The first edition used suggestions obtained from coaches and trainers through questionnaires and group interviews. In addition, an advisory committee composed of coaches, trainers, school administrators, parents, and team physicians provided excellent guidance for that first effort We hope this new, revised edition will meet the needs of all those who gave us clear and valuable suggestions as well as any others who use the book We hope to continue to revise the book and would value any suggestions for future editions.

Contents: The Language of Injury, Making a Diagnosis, Treatment of Injuries, Principles of Rehabilitation, Flexibility, Medications for Sports Injuries, Head and Neck Injuries, Eye Injuries, Chest, Thorax, and Abdomen Injuries, Back Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Elbow Injuries, Wrist Injuries, Hand/Finger Injuries, Hip/Thigh Injuries, Knee Injuries, Lower leg Injuries, Ankle Injuries, Foot Injuries, Cheerleaders as Athletes, Heat-Related Liiness, Skin Problems in Athletes, Common Medical Problems in Athletes, Nutritional Concerns for the Athlete, The Woman Athlete, Sports Psychology, Drug Abuse, and the Athlete, The Training Room Teacher Athletic trainers, Preparticipation Evaluations, Choosing a Team Physician, The Coach's Role in Preventing Injuries and Caring for Injured Athletes, The Athlete's Perspective, Parent/Coach/Trainer Relationships.

ISBN 9788172162618



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