Author: Robert "bob" Chappell

It is surprising that the sociological and social scientific study of sport - ritualized, rationalized, commercial spectacles and bodily practices that create opportunities for expressive performances, disruptions of the everyday world, and affirmations of social status and belonging - was still seen as something as a joke by mainstream sociology until recently. The emergence of the sociology of sport ( though not the name itself ) dates from the end of the 19th century when the first social psychological experiments dealing with group effects of competition and pace-making took place. Besides cultural anthropology and its interest in games in the human culture, one of the first efforts to think about sports in a more general way was Johan Huizinga's " Homo Ludens " or Thorstein Veblen's " Theory of the Leisure Class ".


Chapters: An Introduction to Sport Sociology  Sport and Modernity: Introduction to the Sociology of Sport  Sport and the Media  Class and Gender Differentiation in Sport  Sport's Organization and Governance Sport and Community  Sport in a Global World and New Media Marketing  Sport and Consumer Society Sport, Physical Education and Socialization  Calling Sports Sociology.

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